Web Design Training Courses in Chennai

Web Design Training Courses in Chennai

JH institute offering theweb design training courses for the learners who are ready to learn the web designing courses which are the gain-in demands skills about the latest technology to promote them by taking their dream job with their skill field, and also like to startup their own entrepreneur startup website. The designing is everything to do in the web, is it necessary for the jobseekers or learners to improve their core knowledge strength by enhancing the skills and ability of the candidates and improve their spirit of the creativity.

Our web designing courses areoffered by our industry experts whohave real-time experience in web design. JH institute infrastructure and lab facilitieslike world-class computer labs, high-speed internet connectivity, and advanced large web servers help the learners to work with friendly training institute by doing real-time demo projects with the industry experts. On the basis of the people understanding the fees are made in best offerings with installments.

We are No.1 recommended web designing training institute inChennai, by fulfilling the learner’s dreams by setting them on the right path with advanced web design tools and the industrysupport.

Requirements Provided by JH Institute
  • Training sessions are more interactive and well structured seeking to the students

  • The tutors are well equipped and experience one who had the industry experience in top MNC’s companies.

  • The training provided by the JH institute isbased on the current industry.

  • The training class can have multiple batches with the limited number of students to make convenient for learners.

  • The web designing courses are conducted both on theclassroom sessions and the practical sessions.

  • We follow the best methodologies for training the learners to easily understand the knowledge from the script.

  • We are sure that our training will help you to directly work on projects.

  • Revised course syllabus based on the current industry demands across the various disciplines.

  • Pursuing as the web design participants in JH institute will be more interesting and enjoyable.

  • The participants who have learned at our institute got placed in multiple MNC’ companies and also started theirown business as the successful entrepreneur in web design.

Courses syllabus


1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction about the web design.

1.2 Basic understanding of the web fundamentals.

1.3 Types of websites.

1.4 Web standards.


2.1 Introduction about the HTML.

2.2 Internal concepts of HTML.

2.3 Structural elements and attributes.

2.4 Working without layouts.

2.5 Formatting HTML documents.

3. HTML 5

3.1 Overview of HTML5.

3.2 HTML5 concepts.

3.3 Bootstrap

3.4 Animations with HTML5.

3.5 Edge and Events

4. CSS

4.1 Introduction to CSS.

4.2 Inheritance and cascading order.

4.3 Exploring CSS class and ID attributes.

4.4 Various types of style sheets.

4.5 Fundamentals of Document Object Model(DOM).